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Carol Es is a Los Angeles zinester, artist, writer and musician who published The Planet Es (1996-1998) that included art, poetry, essays and rants that were created in the wee hours on special 2-cent nights at Kinkos in Studio City. All the art was color xeroxed, hand cut and glue-sticked in this 8.5 x 7 inch booklet.

The 7-issue zine began in 1995 as the Planet Es Newsletter to promote an on-going novella that was released a chapter at a time. It also promoted her first 3 chapbooks of poetry, short stories and art: Angelic Hell Stories of Torment and the Like (1993), Daily Deaths and Gumballs (1994), and Junkslacker (1995), and was used as a Call to Artists for the following issues.

Carol has been published in various zines and small publications such as Vagabond, Coagula, Brainchild, Los Angeles 1956, Digress, Tangent, and Riffrag. She also founded an online zine called Picklebird about alternative art on the West Coast in 1999, which ran until 2002.

Her handmade book, 1-SELF was purchased by the Getty's Research Library, as well as UCLA Special Collections, and the Arthur and Marta Jaffe Collection at the Florida Atlantic University. Her current edition of 20 books is called All Done But None, 2007. Each page of every book is hand painted and hand written.



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