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Canada Folk Bulletin was a zine devoted to folk music published by the Vancouver Folk Song Society.

Published in the 1970s, Canada Folk Bulletin originated from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The editors were Jon Bartlett, Rika Ruebsaat, and Fred Weihs.

It was published 6 times a year, and at least three volumes of this title appeared in the late 1970s; the first volume in 1978, the second volume in 1979, and the third and last volume in 1980. It superseded Come All Ye, and was superseded by Canadian Folk Music Society Newsletter/La Société canadienne de musique folklorique Bulletin.

Contributions included "Folk Cures" by Thomas Amby; "The State of the Art: The Canadian Folk Revival" by Jon Bartlett and Rika Ruebsaat; "Ali's Corner" by Alistair Brown; "Good Music for Anyone Not Used to It" by Valentine Ciwko; "Alberta Luthier: Frank Gay" by Mansel Davies; "Blackleg Miners in Cape Breton" by Jack O'Donnell; "On Folk Festivals and Kitchens: Authenticity in the Folksong Revival" by Shelley Posen; "The Canadian Folk Music Society" and "Folk Music in Alberta", by Rika Ruebsaat; "Folk Music in the Canadian Prairies", and “Review: Canadian Folk Sound with LaRena: Ballads Canadian, English, Scottish and American, by LaRena Clark,” by William Sarjeant,; and “Retrospective: Miramichi Folk Song Festival” by Jim Stewart, among others.

A feature by Rika Ruebsaat was her "Regional Reports" from across Canada, including "Cape Breton’s Magazine"; "Quebecois Folk Music in Vancouver"; "Rambles Through the Maritimes"; "Shuswap Coffeehouse"; and "Syndicat de la musique de Quebec".

Ote4r contributors included Al Grierson.

Included were interviews with Jim Corcoran, Charlotte Cormier, Pierre Germain and Joan Kuyek, John Murphy, Jim Payne, and Tim Rogers.

Songs featured included "The Log Driver's Waltz", among many others.

Canada Folk Bulletin merged with Canadian Folk Music Society Newsletter /La Société canadienne de musique folklorique Bulletin in 1981.

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