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Cameo was a science fiction fanzine co-edited by Marie-Louise Share and Gene Ward.

The first, and perhaps only issue was published in Danville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in January 1953. It was produced on a Spirit Duplicator.

Art work was contributed by Nancy Share (Ignatz, Torrents).

Written work was contributed by W. Paul Ganley, who wrote a description of his contribution…"I cannot find reference to this publication after a good deal of searching on line... so I will have to tell you about it myself! This contains a story of mine (as Toby Duane) which is more of a prose-poem... written for my college Creative Writing class, after I was told in no uncertain terms to stop handing in SF or fantasy. "Write from your experience," said my teacher. (Who knew back then that a couple of years later he would be world-famous as author of The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit... yes, Sloan Wilson.) Never expected it (then) to be published in a fanzine, but this fanzine wasn't limited to standard SF, fantasy, horror... . although yes, there is a definite touch of these in the other stories and humor, too...Contents are mostly stories, an essay or two, a poem, and some artwork (mostly by Nancy Share, sister of Marie-Louise... later on Nancy married Art Rapp, by the way). "

Other contributors included Jim Harmon, and Richard Wentworth.

Mare-Louise Share also published Hodge-Podge with her sister Nancy Share during the 1950s. From 1953 to 1955, at least 14 issues were released. Marie-Louise Share also published at least 3 issues of the apazine Caprice in the 1950s for the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association (OMPA).