Bummers and Gummers

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Bummers and Gummers was a country life zine edited by Lokiko Hall (aka Loki Quinnangelis) and published in rural Oregon, U.S.A.

This newsprint zine was a celebration of the spirit of self-sufficiency prevalent in many alternative rural communes. Frequent topics included practical instructions for sustaining life off the grid, community building, and radical political discussion. Recurring columns provided advice for "people who want to live low in high style" and "people stuck using cars." The title of the zine came from sheep herding terms for misfits, with "bummers" a slang term for orphaned lambs and "gummers" referring to old ewes with no teeth remaining.

Bummers and Gummers was praised in Xerography Debt issue 12 for its "overall friendly, homey, conversational tone, with Lokiko and her contributors discussing various ways of living simply and doing things for yourself."

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