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Broken Toys is a science fiction fanzine by Taral Wayne.

Published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Broken Toys was begun in 2012, and is Wayne's long-running personal zine. The writing is mainly by Wayne, except for the letter section, which often comprises half the fanzine.

Exception are pieces by Steven Baldassarra, and Jim Mowatt's TAFF Trip Report, published in issue 33, December 2014.

The artwork is by Brad Foster (The Texas SF Inquirer), Ken Fletcher (Rune), and Taral Wayne.

Letters come from Greg Benford (Void), Ned Brooks (It Goes On The Shelf), E.T. Bryan, R. Graeme Cameron ( The Fanatical Fanactivist, Space Cadet, WCSFAzine), Alexander Case, Ross Chamberlain (Fangle), Graham Charnock (Vibrator), Steve Davidson, Michael Dobson, Alan Dorey (Vector), Brad Foster, Chris Garcia (The Drink Tank, Journey Planet), Greg Giacobe, Bruce Gillespie (Steam Engine Time, SF Commentary), Steve Green, Dave Haren, William Earl Haskell, Andrew Hooper (Chunga), Kim Huett, Rebecca Jansen, Steve Jeffery, Bob Jennings, Ron Kasman, Jerry Kaufman (Littlebrook), Rodney Leighton, Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), Hope Liebowitz, Dave Locke (Time and Again), Rich Lynch, Barry Kent MacKay, Joseph T. Major (Alexiad), Mark Manning, Allen Maurer, Eric Mayer (E-Ditto), John Nielsen-Hall, Fred Patten (Lefnui), Bill Patterson, Lloyd Penney (Torus), Patricia Peters, Bill Plot, Mark Plummer (Banana Wings), Kent Pollard, John Purcell (Askance), David Redd, Robert Runte (Neology, The Monthly Monthly, New Canadian Fandom), Ron Salomon, Paul Skelton (Small Friendly Dog), Keith Soltys (Torus), Garth Spencer (The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette, BCSFAzine), Milt Stevens, Steve Stiles, Jefferson Swycaffer, Philip Turner, Tom Turrittin, R-Laurraine Tutihasi (Feline Mewsings), Walt Wentz, Terry Whittier, David Williams, Janet Wilson, and Richard A. Wright, among others.

Taral Wayne, with Victoria Vayne, published the fanzine DNQ from April 1978 till October 1984, and also edited the anthology Toronto the Ghood, among other titles.