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Big Scab was a science fiction fanzine by John Brosnan.

John Brosnan was part of the London based 'Ratfandom' in the 1970s, and Big Scab was considered one of the Ratfandom fanzines. Three issues appeared in the 1970s. Issue 1 was released in June 1974; issue 2 in August 1974; and issue 3 in October 1974.

In Chapter 10 of Then, Rob Hansen writes, of the first issue of Big Scab; "John Brosnan, returning to the UK after his trip back to Australia, decided to re-enter the fanzine stakes with BIG SCAB, successor to his earlier scandal- sheet, in June 1974. Apart from an interview with Richard Matheson, one of a number conducted by Brosnan during a stay he made in Hollywood on his trip back to the UK, the issue was entirely editor-written."

In 1974, Big Scab won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine, tied with Zimri by Lisa Conesa.

John Brosnan also released the titles Why Bother?, Why Bother Abroad, Scab, Scabby Tales, and Son of Why Bother?. In 2007, Kim Huett published the anthology of John Brosnan's writing, You Only Live Once.