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Axis Memphis is an art zine by students in Memphis, Tennessee. The first print issue was released in 2012. A supplemental tumblr website was also created, but has not been updated since 2014.

Publication was sponsored by Center for Outreach and Development in the Arts (CODA) of Rhodes College.

from the website

Axis Memphis art zine is an attempt to help promote the fantastic art that is being created in Memphis, Tennessee. We want to begin a conversation among Memphis artists - of all kinds - that extends beyond the community, trolley nights, and art openings. Everyone who has picked up the zine in various locations around town will have, in some way, responded to the art. The burgeoning art community here is really amazing, and one we want to help share! Many of the artists included have not yet been published, and being able to show one’s art beyond the classroom, studio, or home leads to creative growth and inspiration!