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Asha Anderson is a poet, photographer, and sometimes artist who wrote and published the zine, Reddog Review.

Anderson has collaborated on various poetry, theater and performance projects including late night radio shows. She founded SkyRiver Press, a letterpress operation turned digital, and was a regular participant in the discussions and flame wars on alt.zines. She maintains an ongoing narrative on whatever from wherever she happens to be at Language Barrier. A collection of her photos reside on flickr, instagram and imgur. Her poems and stories have appeared in various publications including 300.000 (Years of Us) - a Poetry Anthology, The Fine Line, Skidrow Penthouse, Sein und Werden, Poetry Motel, Westwind Review, Whirligig, Byline Magazine, and Brijibasi Spirit.



  • 300.000 (Years of Us)
  • A Poetry Anthology
  • Byline Magazine
  • Brijibasi Spirit
  • The Fine Line
  • Poetry Mote
  • Sein und Werden
  • Skidrow Penthouse
  • Westwind Review
  • Whirligig

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