Amantes de la Noche

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Amantes de la Noche
Issue 1 1996
Cover art by Heather Bruton

Amantes de la Moche is a fanzine devoted to the television series Forever Knight, edited by Marg Baskin and published by Anime House Press in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Translated to English, the title is "Lovers of the Night". This fanzine dealt mainly with the third season of Forever Knight.

In 1996, Marg Baskin published issue #1 of Amantes de la Noche. It featured writing by Debra Fiorini, Imajiru, Christina Kamnikar, Le Phantom, J.S. Levin, Gabriel McFarlane, Bonnie Pardoe, Melissa Taylor, Nancy Warlocke, and others. This zine was adult and required an age statement. It was 185 pages long. Cover and interior art was by Heather Bruton.

Amantes de la Noche #2 was published in 1997 and contains 191 pages. Cover and interior art was by Heather Bruton. Writing was by Apache, Stephanie Babbitt, Janice Cox, D. Echelbarger, Dorothy Elggren, Christina Kamnikar, Kim Keister, Bonnie Pardoe, Nancy Warlocke, and others. Christina Kamnikar's story, "My Evil Twin is a Vampire" was nominated for the 1998 FanQ Award.

Marg Baskin also edited Anime House Presents, a zine devoted to anime.