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The 5¢ News is a mini Photography Zine of iPhone photos taken by Ed Tillman (aka InkWell on ZineWiki). Issues are free or for trade. "The 5¢ News" is an 8 page mini zine with a fold out "poster image" printed on the reverse. There is generally no text in the zine. Each issue comes with a paper wrapper with the title and issue number.


There is no definitive number printed for each issue, I just print as many as I feel like or can afford at the moment. New issues are created "whenever."


The 5¢ News, Issue 1 cover photo The 5¢ News, Issue 2 cover photo The 5¢ News, Issue 3 cover photo

  • Issue 1 printed Nov 2015 in Los Feliz, CA
  • Issue 2 printed Dec 2015 in Burbank, CA
  • Issue 3 printed April 2016 in Los Feliz, CA

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